Advertising Tweets

It’s now been six months since I started my job! Time seems to move pretty fast now, and I’ve been learning plenty along the way, so I thought it was time for a little update of some highlights from my (relatively short) time in advertising so far.

One Minute Briefs and Agency Quotes

I first started to use Twitter when I was studying journalism and like many, I didn’t quite understand it, so never bothered. How times have changed.


If you’ve read my previous post, you’ll know that it’s now my responsibility to Tweet and post on social media on behalf of my agency, and it’s going pretty well. For those working in creative agencies, there are certain accounts that provide some humour and insight into marketing and advertising industries.

Two of these are Agency Quotes (@AgencyQuotes) and One Minute Briefs (@OneMinuteBriefs) – they’re run by the same team and are active every working day.

With Agency Quotes, you send in anything funny or stereotypical lines that you hear in your job, accompanied by #thingsyouhearinagencies. Odds are that you’ll see a Tweet of someone (it’s always anonymous as to who is saying what) saying something eerily similar to what you’ve heard in your own office. I’ve put in a few entries of my own:


So whilst Agency Quotes are all about the everyday sayings and doings in an agency, One Minute Briefs is all about the creative work that goes on. It’s a very simple concept of ‘One rule. One minute. Create an ad.’ They give you the brief, which could be a product or an event, and they have some background information on their website (see below for link).

Then, you have one minute to come up with an ad. Now as it’s gotten more and more popular, people are taking waaaaay longer than a single minute (including myself), but it’s still all in the name of fun and some of the things that people come up with are great!

Click here to go to their website to check out everyone’s work and follow them on Facebook.

I’d highly recommend following these two accounts in you’re on Twitter, and, if you’re brave enough, you could even put forward a few entries!

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