Think you know social media? Think again!

Once again, it’s been ages since I made a posting on here! I haven’t forgotten about dear Newbie Science though, but I have been busy at work (where I’ve been for nearly six months now!) and exploring my new home.

Aside from my job, I’ve also been given some extra responsibility at work with the company’s social media accounts, so I’ve been merrily Tweeting away and posting onto Facebook and our recently rediscovered Instagram!

While I’ve been doing this, I’ve been learning along the way about what posts get the best responses, such as pictures, funny videos or directly mentioning other companies in our Tweets, which often gets a favourite, a retweet or even a reply! Along the way, I came across this great infographic about what we like to share on the numerous platforms, so I thought I’d share it.

The infograph was made by Go-Gulf and it’s been such an insight into this burgeoning industry, I love it!

Social Media Sharing

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