The Newbie Science Gift Guide for Nerds and Geeks

Are you a nerd? Or are you a geek? Are you a friend of someone who might be one or the other? It can be difficult buying gifts that fit into certain niche groups, but fear not, because I am here with this handy little guide that can be used for the Christmas season or any other special occasion.

First of all, let’s find out some differences…


Now apparently, I’m a geek, but personally, I think that Geeks vs Nerds is a very fluid concept nowadays (and let’s not forget Hipsters who are a subgroup of their own). Now, it’s easy to find gifts related to a favourite sci-fi or cult TV show (basically, just go look on RedBubble), so let’s focus on the academic subject gifts.

The soon-to-be/want-to-be doctor

They’ve studied some of human biology/medicine based subject and love having conversations about diseases. They’re not squeamish and have had to endure their fair share of essays, projects, lab time and exam related stress. With this in mind, I suggest these three:
























The Chemist/Heisenberg

They’ve chosen to study chemistry and have probably tried to include a Breaking Bad reference in some piece of their work. So for your favourite chemistry geek/nerd, I’d recommend:














The Physicist

Physics is (for me) a scary subject – they’re dealing with concepts that they can’t even see! But remember, physicists love a good physics gift:






The IT guy

Got a tech related problem? Give these guys a ring, if you’re at university and need more credit for the library printers, they can probably sort this out for you, free of charge.















So if you’re ever stuck for gift ideas for that super smart friend, give one of these a go, odds are…they’ll love you forever for it. And might try and explain a very complicated bit of science to you again.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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