That First Graduate Job

I have a job! So long unemployment and hello pay cheque (then goodbye pay cheque when I spend you on living costs, travel and student loan repayments).

Yes, I have been lucky enough to secure my first job, gained two months after submitting my MA thesis. If anyone else has been surprised by the speed of it all, imagine how I felt. But, I can still say that I have learned a few things about job hunting, including the use of recruitment agencies, which found this particular role for me and helped me with the preparation for the interview.

I’ve completed my first week at a healthcare advertising agency in merry Windsor and have bid farewell to Norfolk for the time being. I’ve already started to get my teeth into it, attending meetings, coming up with ideas and most importantly, taking part in the workplace Christmas Jumper Day for Save The Children.

My new office is situated in the heart of Windsor and is a couple of minutes walk from the castle and surrounding grounds. Before work, on a slightly chilly but clear morning, I wandered over to the famous long walk for a stroll and few pictures. Enjoy!

IMG_2351 IMG_2352 IMG_2353 IMG_2354

Finally, as I mentioned recruitment agencies above, I would like to thank Fresh Connect for finding and helping me secure this job!

P.S. I also gained a distinction in my masters degree and will be back in Lincoln for my graduation in January, keep your eyes peeled for a post around that time! 



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