The Self-Folding Robot

Using little more than sheets of paper and Shrinky Dinks™, a team of engineers from MIT and Harvard University have created an origami inspired self folding, walking robot.


The little bot is able to assemble itself and crawl away in only four minutes and was unveiled last week in Science (click the link to see the video). It’s made using with two motors, two batteries, a microcontroller (the brain) and the sheet, which is a mix of paper and Shrinky Dinks™. Alongside this, it also has a series of hinges which, when prompted by microcontroller, heat up, forcing the composite paper to fold into shape.

Once the four minutes is up, the hinges have cooled down and the robot is set into its shape. The microcontroller then signals for the robot to start crawling away at the dazzling speed of one-tenth of a mile per hour.

Caught your attention? Click on the links below to find out more!

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The Wall Street Journal: Self-Folding Robot Based on Origami

Nature World News: Self-Folding Robots May Lead to More Sophisticated Machines

Forbes: Origami Robots Fold Themselves And Walk Away



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