The Not So Secret Life of Students

Channel 4 has recently started a new series, The Secret Life of Students. This series doesn’t just follow students about though, it goes through the messages on their phones, and this is texts, phone calls, emails and even Facebook messages and Tweets. It’s a show for the post NSA world!

Secret Life of Students (title TBC)

So, who are they following round, monitoring their every message?? They certainly had a good selection of students including:

  • The guy who wanted to live the ultimate student life of going out every night – only to find that his friends were happy doing face masks at their flat
  • The other guy who talks to his mum every day and can’t get out of bed for his lectures
  • The girl who has a boyfriend back home and doesn’t spend much time with other people at university
  • The guy who has a girlfriend back home who fell for his flatmate
  • The girl who didn’t have much money left over from her student loan and then went on a massive shopping spree – before regretting it and phoning her parents for money

So when you think about it…this isn’t really that secret. If anything, it’s a round up of average (or even stereotypical) experiences of students at university, not just first years at Leicester. I’ve seen people like this, and I’ve gone through similar situations, from the long distance relationship to the ‘let’s just stay in for a pizza and a movie’ whilst another flatmate is bouncing off the walls with boredom and a vodka/redbull addiction.

WARNING: Too many of these mixed with alcohol will produce some very strange results the next morning
WARNING: Too many of these mixed with alcohol will produce some very strange results the next morning


Now I’m not saying that it’s a bad show, but perhaps it’s just badly named, because these students lives really aren’t that secret, but maybe that’s because I’ve been to university.

The Real Life of Students

The truth is that freshers week is a blur and you’ve got to go out and drink and make friends and get sick from freshers flu (which is inevitable – as I have written about here) – but after that, you settle into a routine.

You hopefully go to your lectures and get your work in, you trudge to the supermarkets and try to buy quality ingredients but end up stockpiling the tasty Ristorante pizzas when they’re on offer. You’ll perhaps gain a bit of weight from the mix of the aforementioned pizzas, boozy student nights with the obligatory costumes in the first semester because your mum isn’t there to feed you vegetables and give you judgy eyes. You will also battle the communal washing machines!

Everyone does a victory dance when these bad boys are on offer
Everyone does a victory dance when these bad boys are on offer

You’ll speak to your parents every few days and will love it when you go home because the washing gets done and your favourite foods are made – but after a while you’ll start chafing and want to go back to university because shock horror…you’ve grown up while you’ve been away, what with having to deal with life yourself.

There’ll be people who you think you’ll be best friends with for life who might disappear after a while, but you might forge even better friendships with people because of the minimum three years that you’ll spend close by to each other.

Finally, you’ll have gone through the exams and dissertation stress and BAM! you’re graduating. That means the end of going out late on school nights and wandering round your friends houses because they live only a few minutes away from you. You’ve got to be a grown up now and earn your own money, and pay back that lovely student loan.

Ultimately, somewhere in the mix of the good and the bad, the tears and the laughter, the stress and the celebrations, you’ve grown up and at least learned something, whether that be from your course or from having to live your own life.

It’s a bit of a blur really, but it’s certainly not secret, because hundreds of thousands of people go through this every year. 



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