The Internship: Days 2 and 3

It’s been another couple of days here at Focus magazine, and I’ve been doing more writing! I’ve even got my own iMac to work on (snazzy) and had a lovely al fresco lunch (read on for more).

I’ve been emailing experts for quotes, which I’ve found to lot easier when it’s coming from a recognised establishment rather than “I’m at university and this is for my course”  – but well, c’est la vie. It is really nice though to get responses back after only a couple of hours, full of information that I can quote and use within the story. Luckily, science questions welcome long answers that can then be used, and another bonus is that I learn random facts that one day, may become very useful within a pub quiz (if they ever do the science round instead of sports!).

As the intern, I was also asked to do a bit of office admin work, sorting out the prizes into envelopes for the winners of the quizzes, but I was quite happy to it as oddly enough, repetitive tasks can be quite relaxing.

I’ve also worked with an embargo today. But Sarah, what’s an embargo?

Well children, something that’s embargoed in journalism can’t be published until a certain time and date for fear of certain death. Okay, maybe not certain death, but certain retaliations such as never being trusted with a press release ever again, meaning that you could miss out on a huge bit of news in the future. Journalism embargoes are particularly important in science and medical reporting, as it gives the media outlet time to do their research and make a good, accurate report, instead of doing a poor job due to rushing about and making silly mistakes.

And, as the embargo is still going as of me publishing this blog post, I’m not revealing anything and will now move on to the most important time of day for an intern. Lunchtime!

For the first two days, I bought in my own lunch, having a proper little pack up. But today, with the lovely sunny weather and hearing so much about it, I took my hour long break and headed to Bristol’s St. Nicholas market.

Wow! So many different food stalls! Such long queues! But it was worth it, I had a delicious salad box and will head back to try the different stalls which are selling a whole range of cuisines (Caribbean, English, Moroccan, Mediterranean etc,). It’s a big market and though I only saw the food part today, I’ll have another explore in the next few days and will take some more pictures, but here are the ones I got today:

Sneaky photo 1.
Sneaky photo 2.
My tasty salad box and a lemon + apple juice drink.
My tasty salad box and a lemon + apple juice drink.
Where I had my al fresco lunch.
Where I had my al fresco lunch.

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