Welcome to British Summer Time!

It’s officially summer! Okay, okay, it’s not really. But we are now officially in British Summer Time (BST) instead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). It’s the time of the year where we’ve set the clocks to be one hour ahead, we lose an hour in bed and suddenly it’s not dark until nearly 8 at night.


But why do we change the clocks? 

It all goes back just over 100 years, when a man called William Willet (the great-great-grandfather of Coldplay front man Chris Martin) argued that the beautiful summer sunlight was being wasted in the mornings as most people were still in bed. He felt that the public would be more productive by moving the clocks an hour forward during summer time, it would prolong the day, and we’d get a lot more done.

He argued for BST to become a reality, but the British Government didn’t agree to make it happen until 1916.

Are there any real benefits to changing the clocks?

Apparently so. It’s said that the extra hours of sunlight are good for both our physical and psychological well being, particularly those with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and another argued benefit is better behaviour on the roads!


Personally – I like it when the clocks change, it adds to the sense that summer is properly on its way, especially after having months of it becoming dark so early. It hails the start of (hopefully) warmer weather, BBQs and sitting outside in the beer garden of a pub with my friends – every students dream!





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