Let’s Live Below That Line – The Beginning

Living on a student budget can be tough, but have you ever tried to live off just £1 a day for all your meals? A lot of people, both around the world and in a ‘wealthy’ nation like the UK have to. It means that there can be no spur of the moment takeaways or even just a random splurge in the supermarket.

Next month, myself and my two housemates will be taking the Live Below The Line challenge. For five days between the 28th of April and the 2nd of May, we will each live off £1 a day, buying all the breakfasts, lunches and dinners for that time for a total of just £15.


We are officially part of team, because a challenge like this is easier when other people have got your back, and it is also more cost effective to buy for more. I’ve never done anything like this before, sure I’ve tried to budget myself with varying degrees of success, but this is entirely new.

But why are we doing this? Well, here are some facts:

In 2005, the World Bank said that the poverty line (a measure of how much money is deemed to be ‘adequate’ to live off of) was $1.25. Anyone living below that line was in the ‘extreme poverty’ bracket. 

In 2011, that value was then raised to $1.50, in the UK, that threshold is £1. 

We have a world population of ~7 billion.

About 1.5 billion of those people live below the poverty line. 

It may only be for a week, and we won’t be feeling real poverty, we will after all still be in our house with all our belongings, but it will give us as to how hard it can be for others to live like this, for real, and from this challenge, we hope to raise money for one of the official charity partners.

We’ve all chosen to support the UK Salvation Army, when most people think of poverty, they think of Africa, or war torn countries. But there is still poverty even in the UK, and we hope that by raising just a bit of money, we will have done our bit to help those out in need.


When the challenge starts, I’ll be doing short daily posts documenting what we ate and more importantly, what it cost us. It’s going to be…interesting, but I’m sure it’ll be eye opening too.

Want to support me and my challenge? Follow the link below and donate, it doesn’t have to be much, it could be as little as £1. 



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