The Price To Pay for Interning.

Now that I’m a fully committed journalist in training, I’ve got to go out and find myself some work experience. Luckily I’ve already had some, and it’s now safely written down on my CV, but I need more (so much more) in order to get ahead in my chosen field. As part of this semester, I’ve got to find two weeks of work experience, reporting back with a self evaluation of it all.

It’s long been argued that work experience, especially the ones that are up for grabs in London, are biased towards the more privileged. I can see why they say that, especially after trying to win myself some a couple of weeks ago.

As part of a charity auction by The Independent, a two week work placement with Oxford Scientific films was up for grabs. This is a big natural sciences production company, having previously produced Meerkat Manor and most recently, Animal Odd Couples. My Dad was the first to spot it and knew that it would be perfect for me and my CV (or should it be my CV and I?), and he was keen to place bids and try to win it for me.


It went for over £2000. Two grand? For an internship? That doesn’t even pay you?

It was crazy. Now, I’ve had to put money towards my work experience in London before, paying for a room in a flat, tube fares and food. But good grief, somebody wants to get ahead! Bless my poor Dad, he had to get permission from the newspaper to bid on my behalf as I was away during the auction time, and he tried so hard to try and get it for me, but alas, he doesn’t have the £2000 to spare to send me off to London for a fortnight.

So who does? I shall probably never know. But congratulations to the person who won, make good use of your time there, because it will be priceless.

Have you ever had to pay for work experience? Or have you been unable to do it because of the cost? Comment below and share your tales! 



  1. It is quite common that you have to pay for work experience not only in the journalism industry. £2000 is ludicrous but the same applies for law, medicine (animals and people) and dentistry. A lot of it is who you know and to make as many contacts as you can, ask around see if any friends have any relatives in the industry etc.

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