Core Writing – Blog Post Two

Times are tough, food prices are rising and our population isn’t getting smaller anytime soon. Personally, I don’t think that we will be able to continue with our current food system forever.

We live in an age where supermarket shelves never seem to go empty, the seasons no longer hold us back with our choices, and our waste levels are ridiculously high.

Our current population is 7 billion, by 2050 it will be 10 billion. Will we be able to keep getting through the amount that we do, especially in the way that we do?

Meat is a particularly important issue, and it is one of our most popular foodstuffs. In 2012, the average Britain ate over 79kg of meat, that’s nearly 12.5 stone. A good two stones more than my own bodyweight.

In order to raise the cattle needed for our burgers and joints of beef, huge amounts of crops are grown to feed them and large amounts of forests are cut down to make pastures.

We therefore have two viable options, either cut down on our meat consumption or go for alternative methods, such as meat grown in laboratories.

Whilst I’m all for scientific advancement, is this really the lengths we will go to for that bit of meat?

I think that sometimes we eat too much of it. After being a vegetarian for a few years, I realised just how much meat I ate before, and though I now eat meat again, I make sure to have days where it’s just vegetarian food.

I feel like cutting out meat for just a couple of days a week is not only good for our health, but it’s better for everyone overall. Make meat a treat again by waiting for it, because when you do finally have it again, it’ll taste all the better.


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  1. I support the idea there is too high meat consumption. Also I remember being taught for my Human Biology GCE that adults only need 2 ozs of meat per day maximum, yet we load our plates up with 4-6 ozs in one sitting and this may be three or four times a week (and that is considered normal, not excessive). So yes we could all cut down, and we’d be healthier for it too!

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