A Bake in the Life: Chocolate Tiffin

Hurray for collaborations! My good friend and fellow blogger Amy (A Year in the Life…) has recently posted a recipe for the chocolate tiffin we made late on a Friday night! It’s a cross between tiffin and rocky road, and is brilliant because you can add anything you want, so have a read, give it a go and also have a look at her blog, because she makes some brilliant cakes and cookies.

A Year in the Life...

When I first became interested in blogging one of my main influences was a blog that one of my close friends from university started, called Newbie Science. As well as writing posts based around the world of undergraduate science and now postgraduate science journalism, Sarah also writes about her experiences of student life (Including some very delicious recipes that I have first hand experience taste testing!).

A major part of being a student is learning how to manage your finances and of course learning to save money wherever you can. As much as I love baking, sometimes it can be really expensive, especially for some of the more adventurous recipes. So myself and Sarah decided to work together to make something tasty without spending your entire student loan in one go! One recipe that is very money friendly and that is an old favourite with both of us is…

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