Moving Onto Postgraduate Studies!

So I’m now officially a University of Lincoln graduate, I spent the whole summer as a graduand (a person who has finished the degree but hasn’t graduated), trying to buy an extra guest ticket and choosing a dress to wear, and more importantly, deciding whether or not to wear heels in the ceremony (I opted against it in the end!).

So here was my day:

Waiting at the castle before the ceremony – still graduands here!
My family
My family
Dad tried to get me onstage when I became a graduate – and inadvertently caught me on the big screen!
Customary graduate photo – nobody knew where to look because of all the cameras.
And then it was time for dinner…

So what next?

Well I’m actually staying on at Lincoln, reading for an MA in Science and Environmental Journalism, I’ll be covering all the skills that a good science journalist needs, as well as carrying on with this blog. I’ll be starting late September, wish me luck!

P.S As our beloved pet Labrador Millie couldn’t join us, here she is in her graduation gear!



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