Ageing genes and the anti-cancer clock

I came across this very informative post by chance, but if anyone is interested in cancer biology, I’d recommend having a read (as well as following this blog).

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Here at the Institute of Cancer Research, London, we’ve long been leaders in the field of discovering genes that are associated with cancer. The latest of many studies that find these links was published this week, finding associations between four gene variants and the common blood cancer multiple myeloma. One of the genes highlighted in that research was TERC, which we briefly described as having been implicated in the ageing process. But I thought the fascinating process that TERC is a part of would be worth looking at in a bit more detail.

Cushioning chromosomes

TERC is a component of a molecular machine called telomerase, whose job is to maintain DNA caps on the ends of chromosomes. These caps, called telomeres…

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