Decorating Your University Room

When I first started university, which was a whole two years ago, I was assigned a room in off campus accommodation that could only be described as…not the best. It was a flat of 18 rooms with shared bathrooms and two very basic kitchens. It also only had single pane windows which didn’t hold in the heat, especially when combined with a radiator that didn’t fully heat positioned right next to said windows. But I lived through it, and one of the major ways of doing this was to make my new room as cosy and lovely as possible through the magic of home furnishings.

But first, for some readers, excuse the extremely girly stuff, I know that interior decor isn’t what everyone dreams of when I talk about university.

Bedding, throws and pillows

You’re going to spend a lot of time sleeping in your bed (hopefully), and it’s one of the main focal points of the room. I’d recommend buying a bed set that includes a lot of paleness (which is risky in terms of eating pasta in bed but light colours will brighten the room), but also include patterns to jazz things up a bit.

Also, it’s likely that the only seats you’ll have in your room is a chair at the desk, so when you’ve got friends round, it’s a good idea to convert your bed to a sofa area for seating (unless you’re able to drag a sofa into your room like my boyfriend in Hull has managed). To achieve this, cushions and throws are a must, and for a dreary beige room, opt for bright colours.

Here’s the final product:

 Posters and Pictures:

The walls of your new room may be a little bit bland, so a great way to decorate is to put up posters and pictures. All universities have poster sales, usually offering deals such as three posters for £10, they also sell blue/white tac to put your new purchases up with (word of warning: take care when taking posters down…you don’t want to rip off the wallpaper).

Taking pictures from home is also a good idea, you can print some off yourself onto regular paper but another great idea is to use a photo-printing service, such as Snapfish, where they usually offer an introductory deal for cheap photos which you can then turn into a piece of wall art.


All university rooms will come with lighting in some form, but sometimes it’s nice to have just a lamp on instead of a glaring overhead light, here’s my own bedside lamp:

Another good idea for lighting are fairy lights, if you have a bed frame, then these are perfect to wind around. They’re both pretty and practical.

Displays and Foliage

My final tip for making your new room is to display personal belongings, for example, I’m a girl who loves necklaces, and last year I bought a necklace tree in order to both display my jewellery and to keep them from tangling up. This year, I also bought a small pot plant to freshen up the room a bit, but you will need to regularly water it, so don’t waste money and buy a plant if you’re going to neglect it and let it die.


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