Spinach and Ricotta Pasties – Perfect for Parties

This post is at the special requests of my friends in Lincoln, who now ask for these pasties to be made for parties. The idea behind serving them was as a Christmas party, where I felt that sometimes there isn’t enough meat free buffet food available (even though I gave up my veggie lifestyle a while ago). So now I shall be revealing my secret recipe, which is highly adaptable, and my ingredient list is very vague as I tend to work by eye.

P.S. Excuse the poor photography, I was slightly lazy and used my phone.

Servingsas many as you like!

Bag of spinach or baby spinach

Tub of ricotta

Additional cheeses to taste

Salt and pepper


Block of ready made puff pastry

1 egg

1) To start, place the spinach in a sieve or a colander over a sink and pour over boiling water from the kettle.

But be warned, what was a large bag of spinach quickly reduces down. Once wilted, squeeze excess water from the spinach using kitchen paper and roughly chop.

2) Roll out your pastry until it’s about the width of a pound coin.

3) Mix together the tub of ricotta and any other cheeses that you would like, I recommend feta or a nice goats cheese to add some extra flavour. Once this is done, season with salt, pepper and a good grating of nutmeg.

Mixed by Olly, the official taster

4) Cut your pastry into as many pieces as you would like. You can cut out small sizes for party snacks or larger ones to make a meal as I did when last making them. Next, whisk an egg and brush round the edges of a piece of pastry, then add the spinach and ricotta mixture in the middle before putting a pastry lid on the top.

5) Crimp the edges of the pasty with a fork to seal and brush the top with more egg mixture before baking in an oven heated to around 200 degrees C until the pasties are puffed up and a lovely golden brown colour.

6) Once cooked, serve hot or cold. I had mine for tea, but if made small, they make great party food!

A difference between mine and the boyfriends meals.
(Excuse the dodgy photography)

One final note: if you find yourself with left over filling, then it can go towards a lovely spinach and ricotta cannelloni.



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