Enjoying Green Spaces While They Last

When you live in a city, the flash of green from an open space can make all the difference. Luckily I live in Norwich which is surrounded by fields the moment you leave it, but there are also some gems within the city itself. One of these places is Catton Park, located in the north of the city in the suburb of Old Catton (which retains its village feel despite being slightly swallowed up by a city). It’s a park of around 70 acres, meaning that you could be mistaken for being in the countryside…until you hear the emergency service sirens fly past.

Recently we regularly started taking the family dog, Millie, out to this park to run rampant through the long grass, and everyone, including her has been enjoying it. But, as we walked round the park, my dad explained that in a few decades, this green area may be gone and developed into housing. Whether this is true and may actually happen is another issue but the park is home to trees that are hundreds of years old as well as many non-native trees, which is explained on the Catton Park website.

I really do hope that the parks like this anywhere in the country don’t fall fowl of a housing developer, but sadly I can see a slightly dystopian future involving winding rows of tiny houses, concrete jungles and probably a large supermarket; which I think will be a great shame.

Do you know of any green spaces that may not be around forever?


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